About LOOPi

LOOPi is the 100% FREE software tool for all guitarists. It's simple and quick to install, but incredibly powerful in helping you learn to play, easier and faster.

Here's why...

  • You can effortlessly create small looped segments of any tutorial videos, so you can watch and practice the same small segment of teaching, over and over again.

    This means you never get overwhelmed, as you can break every lesson into bite-sized chunks that suit your learning skills. Learning this way makes it easier to play more ambitious material, than you previously thought possible!
  • You can slow your loops down, so you can learn at a pace that's comfortable for you - and then, when you're ready, slowly increase the speed as you get better.

    This gives you the power to continually adjust the learning speed to suit you, which builds your skills and confidence faster - and it's so much more fun.
  • You can save your looped video segments, so you can instantly find them and go back to them the next day, week, or month, til you've completely nailed that song, riff or solo you've always wanted to master.

With LOOPi you've got COMPLETE CONTROL, so you can learn at your pace, in your time, whenever and however you like.

Developed by Guitarists, for Guitarists.

LOOPI has been developed by Guitar Coach Magazine with the generous support from members of our guitar-playing community.

We would like to acknowledge their support:

Daniel B Alcutt

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LOOPi has been developed by Guitar Coach Magazine with the support of their amazing guitar-playing community.